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Create a swimlane document flowchart for the following Fitter Snacker sales process. Use the swimlanes of Customer, Sales, Manufacturing, and Procurement.

Here is a description of what happens when a customer wants to buy cases of Fitter Snacker bars. In this situation, they are not buying through the sales person, they are buying through the inside sales department (handled only by phone):

1.   The Customer that wants to buy the bars fills out a multipart paper request and sends it to the sales department.

2.   The Sales department sends a copy of the customer's request to the Manufacturing Department and to the Procurement Department.  The Sales Department files their copy of the paper form alphabetically by customer name.

3.   The order arriving in the Manufacturing Department triggers the creation of a preliminary work order.  To create this preliminary work order, the department gets data from (a) the sales order, (b) their current production plan file (a window on the plant manager's PC), (c) their current capacity requirement plan (another  paper document), and (d) their history of prior work file which is on the plant manager's PC's hard drive and read off the computer screen.  An estimate of time, labor, and overhead is manually prepared and entered into a preliminary work order form, which is a multi-part paper form. One copy of the form is sent to the Procurement Department, one copy sent to the Sales Department which is filed by sales order number in a file cabinet, and the Manufacturing department files one copy of the report by order date in the cabinet. The prior work file is not yet updated since the bars have yet to be manufactured.

4.   To simplify matters, let's assume that the Procurement Department does NOT have to buy any raw materials. Since this is the case, assume the Procurement Department simply files the preliminary work order form and also files the Sales Request (order).

5.         Since the raw materials are available, the Manufacturing Department can now go ahead and create a complete work order.  The preliminary work order is retrieved from the file cabinet.  This is used as input to the computer program: Final work order scheduling.  There are two outputs to this program: a printed final work order document and an update to the Current Production Plan file. The printed work order document is filed in the "To-do" file by order date..

Reference no: EM13716105

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