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Create an AS three-router security lab designed to be used with any classless routing protocol.

Provide a private address to be used for the AS and a public address to be used to connect to an ISP router connected to a border router.

Create a set of instructions for the lab that would have students create a basic configuration and test connectivity.

Then instruct students to add coding that would implement security measures.

Finally, create the configurations for all the routers- points awarded will depend on:

- Is answer configured for both IPv4 and IPv6.

- lab has to be used without any modifications as a teaching tool

Reference no: EM13163662

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Discuss the trade-offs of such an approach in terms of space required for the lists, and the steps required to determine whether a particular file operation is permitted.

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This data frame has one row for each attachment in the message. There are 2 variables in this data frame, aLen and aType, which hold the number of lines and the MIME type of

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