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Question: Substance Abuse And Public Administration

Please create a presentation of seven to 10 slides briefing the class about your final paper.

Below each slide is a textbox. Please use this as well to write your script for each slide.

Your presentation should be succinct, but it should also convey at least the main three most important points of the paper.

You should reference at least three scholarly sources in your presentation.

Please make the presentation as entertaining as possible.

Here is a sample outline for the power point presentation:

Slide 1: Title page

Slide 2: Introduction

Slide 3: Point 1

Slide 4: Point 2

Slide 5: Point 3

Slide 6: Synthesis

Slide 7: Synthesis

Slide 8: Conclusion

Slides 9-10: Reference list.

Reference no: EM132233894

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