Create a pogram that uses inheritance

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Create a pogram that uses inheritance. You will have a base class called Polygon which contains width and height. There will be two classes that inherit from this base class-rectangle and triangle. These two classes will have two member functions-1) calculate area and 2) show area. The base case will be able to show width and height. Remember to have constructors for the classes. Use the rand() function to generate the values for length and width. Have the values be between 1 and 10 to represent inches. The values you generate should be floating points and allow for decimal points. to perform this task you should generate random numbers between 200 and 1000 and then divide by 100 to generate the decimal points.

Reference no: EM13307716

Which points correspond to high thresholds

Consider the ROC curve discussed at the beginning of this chapter (and shown in Figure 8.3). Each point on the ROC curve corresponds to a different threshold. Which points c

Useful example with numbers to support

Math, and specifically Algebra, is used every day in people's lives. Explain why you agree or disagree with that statement and provide examples to justify your stance. Inclu

Preceding principles for probabilistic conditional

Which of the preceding principles are valid for this probabilistic conditional? Explain why or why not. Discuss the main difference that you found in your answers.

Store ten student names and their individual score

Store ten student names and their individual score in a text file such as Notepad. There will be one score per student. Write a C# program using Microsoft® Visual Studio® to r

Examine the features of the mobile handsets

Use your spreadsheet software to determine the wireless service and handset that will offer the best pricing per user over a two-year period. For the purposes of this exerci

Develop a multiple regression model

Utilize current GPA as the dependent variable and find at least two strong predictors from among the continuous variables in the dataset. Write up your results, including in

Creating a telnet firewall rule

Telnet is a protocol used for terminal emulation. Because it lacks support for encryption, Telnet is not used for sensitive communications across unsecure networks, but it m

The following is an access verification technique

10. The following is an access verification technique, listing several files and the access allowed for a single user. Identify the control technique used here, and for each,


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