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1. The sequential search algorithm will always find the first occurrence of an item in a data set. Create a new sequential search method that takes a second integer argument indicating which occurrence of an item you want to search for.

2. Write a sequential search method that finds the last occurrence of an item.

Reference no: EM131313521

Write a program in c++ that converts from miles to kilometer

Write a program in C++ that converts from miles to kilometers. Your program should have a reasonable prompt for the user to enter a number of miles. Hint: There are 1.609 ki

What is independent verification and validation

What is independent verification and validation? Why is software testing necessary? What are testing types? What activities are done in a software testing phase/project? Wha

Case study on computer security

Case study on computer security (the Aerowright case) or the one on privacy (the Micham Medical Center case) and present your recommendations for improving the IT systems ba

Write a program that converts a line of data

Write a complete program that reads three num- bers, adds 3.14 to each of them, and writes the result to the standard output stream if the result is greater than 10 - Write

Positive and negative effects of private art museums

What do private art museums do that the public galleries can't? Analyse the positive and negative effects of private art museums using at least two examples to illustrate yo

Frequent pattern mining

Frequent pattern mining often generates many somewhat "similar" patterns that carry little new information. Give one such example. Then outline one method that may generate

Issues and the recommended solutions

How important is what you say and do in relation to your work output in this process? How would you communicate these issues and the recommended solutions back to your manager

Compute the mean propensity for each record

For each record in the test data set, calculate the propensity of that record toward a positive response for Churn, for each of the base classifiers. Compute the mean propen


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