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The payroll manager at Gerston Blankets wants a program that calculates and displays the gross pay for each of the company's employees. It also should calculate and display the total gross pay. The payroll manager will enter the number of hours the employee worked and his or her pay rate. Employees working more than 40 hours should receive time and one-half for the hours over 40. Use a value-returning function to determine an employee's gross pay. Use a different value-returning function to accumulate the total gross pay. The program should display the total gross pay only after the payroll manager has finished entering the data for all the employees. Use a sentinel value to end the program. a. Create IPO charts for the problem, and then desk-check the algorithm using the following four sets of hours worked and pay rates: 35, $10.50; 43, $15; 32, $9.75; 20, $6.45.

b. List the input, processing, and output items, as well as the algorithm, in a chart similar to the one shown earlier in Figure 9-48. Then code the algorithm into a program.

c. Desk-check the program using the same data used to desk-check the algorithm.

d. If necessary, create a new project named Intermediate22 Project. Enter your C++ instructions into a source fi le named Intermediate22.cpp. Also enter appropriate comments and any additional instructions required by the compiler.

e. Save and then run the program. Test the program using the same data used to desk-check the program.


Reference no: EM131210626

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