Create a loop or event to keep something moving

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An object can be saved in one Alice world and used in another. Save the physics object with the ballistics flight method from Tutorial 10B and then develop another simple Alice world that uses it. You don't need to know anything about the internal math of the method to use it, but you do need to know that it takes an initial angle and initial velocity as its parameters. You should keep your world simple; do not try to make a character look like it is throwing something, like the athlete in Tutorial 10B does, because that could take a lot of time to implement. The Alice local object gallery has a cannon that you could use. You might create a loop or event to keep something moving, and try to hit it with an object fired from the cannon.

Reference no: EM131109926

Design combinational circuit with 3 inputs and 1 output

Design a combinational circuit with three inputs and one output. The output is equal to logic-1 when the binary value of the input is less than 3. The output is logic-0 othe

Think of a programming task-other

Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response for the following: Think of a programming task-other than the individual or team assignments in this course-in which you would

What are the implications for a pal-based implementation

(Traffic Light Controller) The traffic light controller, as presented in Section 9.5, is a Mealy machine. Modify the description to make it part Moore/part Mealy by decoding

Which component of the total delay is dominant

The length of the link is 2000 Km. The speed of light inside the link is 2 × 108 m/s. The link has a bandwidth of 5 Mbps. Which component of the total delay is dominant? Which

Write a function named "subtotal" takes as its arguments

The function should replace the contents of each cell with the sum of the contents of all the cells in the original array from the left end to the cell in question. Thus, fo

Discuss the future of pki

Discuss the future of PKI and since acceptance of PKI solutions-and product sales-has fallen short of early estimates, what would the "killer app" for PKI applications.

Specializes in seasonal specialty foods

You work for a company that specializes in seasonal specialty foods. The company has 100,000+ customers nationwide who currently place their orders through a web user interf

Computing the mainframe computer systems

Some commentators have suggested that mainframe computer systems could be squeezed out of existence in the next few years, with the incredible advances in the capabilities o


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