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This assignment will assess the competency

1. Evaluate the role of HR,

3. Examine organization capabilities for human resource management, &

4. Create a human resource capabilities model.

As part of understanding the respective theories discussed and applying them to organizations to create a competitive advantage, you will have the opportunity to assess a particular aspect or aspects of the HR strategy at an organization and how the particular strategy supports the organization's strategic business objectives.

• An introduction.

• An overview of the organization of your choice - briefly describe the nature of the organization including its history, products/services, size, and competition.

• The organization's business strategy.

• The role of HR in contributing to the business strategy - What HR strategies are relevant in helping to foster the attainment of the business strategy?

• Recommendations - what are the effective practices, what else should be done, what can be done differently, etc?

• Conclusion

Your final paper should be a 1200-1800 word APA style paper. Your content should be supported by no less than four academic/scholarly sources that are cited per APA 6th edition conventions. Your work should demonstrate your critical thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Reference no: EM131152262

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