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Question: Data Structures

The Software Development Company now requests you add final elements to the C# program.

For this week's assignment, build on the Week Four Individual Assignment, "Error Handling," by reading the software developers' C# data structure records data from a file (data.txt), implement an array data structure containing the data, and display on the console all the software developers' data, monthly pay, monthly taxes, annual gross pay, annual taxes, and net pay.
Program Input File:

Create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) text file and named "data.txt." The data.txt file shall include information on at least five developers put into rows and including software developer name, addresses, and monthly gross pay separated by a comma.

Using Visual Studio and C# programming concepts, write a program to meet the specifications of the company's request. The program should have the following characteristics:

1. Compile and Execute without errors

2. Meets specifications by demonstrating file handling, array data structure manipulation, and console output mastery by accomplishing the following:

• Read software developers' data from a file

• Input the data into an array data structure

• Display the software developers' data on the console

3. Logic flow is clear, concise, and effective

4. User inputs and outputs should be clear on screen

5. Validation for input types and data format

6. Appropriate indentation to logically illustrate program structure

7. Identifiers logically describe use

8. Naming conventions are consistent

9. Comments and headers to explain processing that is not obvious

Zip your Visual Studio solution project folder so it can be submitted for grading. In Visual Studio, you can locate the folder with your solution by left clicking on the solution node in the Solution Explorer. Look at the Properties window to find the folder name in the Path property. Locate this folder in File Explorer and zip the folder.

Reference no: EM132234017

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