Could a hash map have been used in place of the tree map

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The Address Book class uses quite a lot of classes from the java.util package; if you are not familiar with any of these, check the API documentation to fill in the gaps. Do you think the use of so many different utility classes is justified? Could a Hash Map have been used in place of the Tree Map? If you are not sure, try changing Tree Map to Hash Map and see if Hash Map offers all of the required functionality.

Reference no: EM131372393

Do you have any specific criticisms of it

Modify the Command Words and Address Book Text Inter face classes of the address-book-v1t project to provide interactive access to the get Details and remove Details methods

Design and build a gui for a text editor

Consider functions for formatting (font faces, style, and size) and a character/ word-count function. You do not need to implement the load and save functions just yet-you m

Are any assertion errors generated

Look through the source of Address Book Demo to check that you understand the tests, and then try out each of the test methods. Are any assertion errors generated? If so, do

Which classes do you have to declare to be serializable

Modify the network project from Chapter 9 so that the data can be stored to a file. Use object serialization for this. Which classes do you have to declare to be serializabl

Simulate the airport in operation

The controllers sometimes give permission right away, but sometimes they tell planes to wait. Planes must keep a certain distance from one another. The purpose of the progra

Design a generic booking system

If you were to create such a system, at what point in the development process of the cinema system would you introduce changes? Or would you throw that one away and start ag

What about between the type of vehicle and driver

Consider simplifying the number of nouns associated with the vehicles. Are "vehicle" and "taxi" synonyms in this context? Do we need to distinguish between "shuttle" and "ta

How the balance between these two sets of data varies

Report on the statistical information that is being gathered by taxis and the passenger source; also on taxi idle time and missed pickups. Experiment with different numbers


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