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This lab introduces the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT in a menu driven application program.

  • Copy and paste the code below in a filename LastFirst_lab43.cpp (e.g. DoeJoe_lab43.cpp) and save it in Lab 4 folder.
  • Bring in the LastFirst_lab43.cpp program from the Lab 3 folder.
  • How could you rewrite gpa >= 2.0 in the first if statement using the NOT operator?
  • Could you replace year !='4' in the else if statement with year < 4 or year <= 3? Why or why not?
  • Take a screen shot of the output. Save it in a filename LastFirst_lab43.doc (e.g. DoeJoe_lab43.doc)
  • If you replace
if ( gpa >= 2.0 && year == '4') with if ( gpa >= 2.0 || year == '4') and 
replace else if ( year != '4'|| gpa < 2.0) with 
else if ( year != '4' && gpa < 2.0)  which students 
will graduate and which will not graduate  according to 
this new program? Does this handle 
all cases (i.e., all combinations of year and gpa)? 
  • Take a screen shot of the output. Insert it in LastFirst_lab43.doc.
  • Could you replace else if ( year != '4'|| gpa < 2.0) with the single word else?
  • Take a screen shot of the output. Insert it in LastFirst_lab43.doc.
  • Submit both the revised LastFirst_lab43.cpp and LastFirst_lab43.doc by uploading them here.

The following is the code to be used:

#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 
int main() 
char year; 
float gpa; 
cout << "What year student are you ?" << endl; 
cout << "Enter 1 (freshman), 2 (sophomore), 3 (junior),
 or 4 (senior)" << endl << endl; cin >> year; 
cout << "Now enter your GPA" << endl; 
cin >> gpa; 
if (gpa >= 2.0 && year == '4') 
cout << "It is time to graduate soon" << endl; 
else if (year != '4'|| gpa <2.0)
 cout << "You need more schooling" << endl; 
return 0; 

Reference no: EM13161105

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