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The Objective of this Discussion Board is to Construct Performance Standards for a Job, Select Methods of Performance Appraisal, and Develop Appropriate Training for a given need.   

Review the Terminal Course Objectives, accessed by clicking on the "Course Information" tab at the top of your screen, scrolling down to the "Course Objectives" and then selecting View class objectives. How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management? What risks or challenges might a manager encounter if they have not mastered these objectives? Explain.

  • Describe 2 forms of training utilized by that company.
  • Discuss how effective you believe the orientation and training are on employees.
  • Would you recommend a change and if so, briefly how?

Reference no: EM13725652

What are the important aspects of an improvement plan

What are some common performance issues (at least 3) discussed in the readings or that you found online? What are the important aspects of an improvement plan? Why are these

Performance indicators and inflation and health care costs

Suggest one (1) key financial ratio that a health care administrator should create a trend analysis for. Suggest one (1) key insight that may be gained by the administrator

Show hofstedes cultural dimensions

Plan to manage the diverse team of managers that will be working for you and You've become familar with Hofstede's cultural dimensions; how might they influence management d

Hr application- paying for performance

HR Application- Paying for Performance! You are the Compensation Manager for a large company that manufactures bicycles. The Operations Department of the firm is responsible

What future development do you see for the al jaber group

How did Fatima's upbringing and education prepare her for her current role? To what extent was Fatima's experience different from other women in the UAE - What future develo

What made this change experience memorable

Change is part of our personal and professional lives. Change can be stressful, enlightening, dramatic, or transformational, depending upon the circumstances. Think about a

Briefing at work based on these questions

We are having a briefing at work based on these questions - Many believe that from a strategic perspective, HR needs to have a seat at the big table in today's organizations.

Which factors enhance physiologic function

Using a screencast program such as Jing or Screencat-O-matic, create a five minute presentation that addresses the following:Discuss the factors that affect physiologic functi


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