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Introduction to Astronomy

Astronomy: Writing C

To date, there have been a number of in-class videos shown, in order to illustrate key concepts and approaches. Choose one of those videos (all linked from the course notes on BB) and address each of the following questions within (a) a clear and concise essay (~1 page, single-spaced); OR (b) a short (~5 slide) PowerPoint presentation.

1. Summarize the video in the context of the course. Be certain to be quantitative.

2. In what specific ways does the video address the core concepts of science (the core concepts of science are...)?

3. Construct an analogy for how science works and use the chosen video to illustrate your analogy.

4. Comment on what attracted you to discuss that particular video (e.g. "I really enjoyed this video because..." OR "This video really annoyed me because...").

Suggest specific improvements, particularly improvements that increase the quantitative nature of the video.


•? Planetary slingshots
•? http://www.theplanetstoday.com/voyager_flight_path.html
•? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebYyVz9mCFs&list=PL0E27FA056224583B

•? Supermoon eclipse on Sunday
•? http://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/observing-news/get-ready-for-septembers-total-lunar-eclipse-091420155/

Why Is Jupiter So Important?

•? Video to explain it
-? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPexxDfaCLY

could you help me with this assignment in the attachment.

(Writing C) the instructions is inside. And I have attached the class lecture and you can pick one of the videos and " write a clear and concise essay (~1 page, single-spaced)"


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Table of Contents

Introduction: 1
Core Concepts of the Science: 1
Analogy of voyager spacecraft: 1
References 3


The given video had tried to discuss about the Voyager Spacecraft, namely Voyager1 and Voyager 2 which are launched in the year 1977 by the American scientific programme by NASA to fetch information or to study about the solar system. Video also discussed about the long journey of the Voyager spacecraft from the year 1977 till date. How the journey of the Voyager spacecraft started with its visit to the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and is continuing. These Voyager spacecraft was the first spacecraft, which visited Uranus and Neptune and how from the Jupiter and Saturn this aircraft used the effect of the gravitational slingshot for increasing their speed (BABJAK, CROSBY, TING, LANKTON & TING, 1968).

Core Concepts of the Science:

The core concepts of the Voyager indicated that voyager1 is the first officially human made spacecraft, which is to start its journey in the interstellar space in the 1977 summers from the Cape Canaveral, Florida. These Space air-crafts were such designed to do the close-up studies of the Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn Rings and the larger moons of the two planets.

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