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Step 1. Construct a diagram to map the arguments about a moral claim that you have identified in the article/case study:

• Include all supporting and objecting claims. These claims should include facts collated from your own research and classical ethical theories that support or object to the claim

• You are expected to 'finish off' the case's arguments, turning it into a valid and properly structured argument.

• You should use information from the article/case study, other sources discovered during your research, and your own reasoned arguments. A balanced and impartial argument is the objective.

• The main claim/conclusion must be an ethical claim.

Step 2. Write an essay, which maps closely to the diagram that you constructed in Step 1.

• The word limit for the essay is 1,300 words ± 10%. Headings, citations and references do not count towards the word limit, but quotations do.

• All the claims shown on the diagram must appear in the essay, and all claims made in the essay must appear on the diagram. The essay must present all the detailed information that the diagram cannot.

• Remember to analyse the article/case study from the perspective of at least two different classical ethical theories and present well reasoned arguments for your assessments and recommendations.

Step 3. Write an overall conclusion that justifies your recommendations made in your essay.

Step 4. Reference list

• Include a Reference list at the end of your work, in the correct APA referencing style, corresponding to in-text citations.

• You must include at least five (5) quality references from different sources. Please note that these five references are in addition to those provided to you through this subject (for example, you still must reference, Tavani, the Interact subject lecture notes etc BUT these references cannot be used as one of your five quality references from different sources).

• Only use references that have been cited in the body of your assignment and ones that support what you have presented in your assignment.

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