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Expando, Inc., is considering the possibility of building an additional factory that would produce a new addition to their product line. The company is currently considering two options. The first is a small facility that it could build at a cost of $9 million. If demand for new products is low, the company expects to receive $9 million in discounted revenues (present value of future revenues) with the small facility. On the other hand, if demand is high, it expects $12 million in discounted revenues using the small facility. The second option is to build a large factory at a cost of $10 million. Were demand to be low, the company would expect $12 million in discounted revenues with the large plant. If demand is high, the company estimates that the discounted revenues would be $15 million. In either case, the probability of demand being high is 0.40, and the probability of it being low is 0.60. Not constructing a new factory would result in no additional revenue being generated because the current factories cannot produce these new products. a. Calculate the NPV for the following: (Leave no cells blank - be certain to enter "0" wherever required. Enter your answers in millions rounded to 1 decimal place.) Plans NPV Small facility $ million Do nothing million Large facility million b. The best decision to help Expando is to build the large facility. to build the small facility. to do nothing.

Reference no: EM131433551

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