Conclusion with additional research on the web

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What role(s) do Portals play in? Are they still as relevant as they were a few years ago? More relevant? Support your conclusion with additional research on the web.

Reference no: EM132184813

Program to keep track of the participants in a triathlon

Create a program to keep track of the participants in a triathlon. Your program will keep track of the times in three events: Running, Swimming, and Biking. Your program wil

Intro internet communication and development

From the Internet Detective, what factors should you consider when evaluating a web-based source for academic research?What characterizes the stage of internet development fol

Can you define this in terms of the model outputs

Can you describe the relationship between the two sets of model parameters that produce the same results in the two models? What can you learn from this relationship about t

Identify a machine part, such as a gear on a shaft or a brac

Draw a 3D model of the height gage shown in Fig. 44-11 using the EXTRUDE command and Boolean operations. Can you use a box or a wedge to create the V-groove? Why or why not?

Levels of application of preventive measures

Dr. Sultz presents three "levels of application of preventive measures" related to the prepathogenesis and pathogenesis of disease. For each level of prevention, cite and de

Class templates are typically used to replace overloaded

1.How would you overload the comparison operators == and !=? What is the format to overload these operators? 2. Class templates are typically used to replace overloaded func

Question in unix os

What if we need the portion from a text based on some keyword. Now i want the middle portion where i found EO427849242. I tried with sed but it does not give me the desired re

What specific challenges will virtualization

In the context of security and trust, what specific challenges will virtualization and cloud computing present across the software lifecycle?  In what ways do the experts fore


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