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In this reprot you are to use movies, video games, TV shows or books (graphic novels included) to illustrate concepts from one of three topic areas: organizational structure, organizational power and politics or organizational culture.

Movies and TV shows are probably the easiest to work with but we included the other media to give you the opportunity to work with them if you want to. 

In the first part describe the concept that you have chosen to illustrate, explaining to me what it is and why it is important. In the second part you will show your illustration and explain to me why you think it represents the concept you chose.

Here is a partial outline of a paper illustrating the concept of leadership using the movies based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've chosen to use leadership for the example because it is not part of your assignment.

I. Introduction

a. The concept to be illustrated is leadership

b. Definition of leadership

c. Importance of leadership

II.  Illustration of leadership

a. What you will use to illustrate leadership

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