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As a newly hired HR manager for a medical clinic with 20 physicians and 100 employees, you want to identify and develop some HR metrics. Using the metrics discussed in your text, at, and other Web sources that you find, identify five specific metrics and discuss why those measures could be useful. How have you seen this concept of metrics implemented in your workplace/former workplace?

Reference no: EM131418865

Provision in the wagner or national labor relations act

What do you see as the most important provision in the Wagner or National Labor Relations Act? Support your view with at least one reference Please interact with two of your c

The nature of compensation

For our first question, take a moment to think about compensation. What does compensation mean to you as an employee? Talk to your colleagues at your workplace. What do they

Self-appraisal beneficial for performance assessment

In what ways is self-appraisal beneficial for performance assessment? What concerns would you have as a manager if your staff's self-appraisal is significantly different th

Method of settling unresolved conflicts in labor relations

1. The American system of arbitration has proven to be an effective and orderly method of settling unresolved conflicts in labor relations, but any system has problems. What

Internal vs external recruiting

To respond to this topic, you first want to define and discuss INTERNAL vs. EXTERNAL recruitment practices. You want to demonstrate your understanding of the pros and cons o

Four potential roles of human resources representatives

Create a Mind Map or infographic that defines at least 7 to 10 characteristics and responsibilities of at least four potential roles of human resources representatives withi

Case-a case of burnout

When Mahesh joined XYZ Bank (private sector) in 1985, he had one clear goal-to prove his mettle. He did prove himself and has been promoted five times since his entry into t

Case-on pegging pay to performance

"As you are aware, the Government of India has removed the capping on salaries of directors and has left the matter of their compensation to be decided by shareholders. This


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