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1. Define a class CSClass ( as in computer science department class) Define enough data and functionality to be meaningful. Use an array for student names and one for student numbers as a minimum of data. Define some methods, making sure they do something useful ( like average grades, print out names). You may define them as non-implemented for this part of the exercise. One method MUST be abstract. Be sure to explain why you chose the one you did.

2. Choose three of the method you defined above, and write them. One of your methods Must display the proper use of an array, and at least one must usefully use loop, and there must be an example of a switch. Your abstract method must show an example of how it should be properly implemented. If these are not correctly and fully defined and syntactically correct. I will mark the entire method incorrect.

Reference no: EM131406565

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Please let us access free resources to try at our institute Jubail Technical Institute ( If it is approved by higher managment later, we can have deal or an

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