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A company has $2 million to invest in another capital project. The budget committee is considering two 6-year projects. Project A cash flows are forecasted at $500,000 a year for all six years. Project B is projected to begin the first year cash flow at $300,000 and it is expected that cash flows will increase each year another $100,000. This would mean that in year six, the cash flow would be $800,000. However, it is also projected for Project B that in years three and four there will be an additional capital outlay of $100,000 for each year. Compute the NPV, IRR, Payback for both projects and select the best project. Show your work.

Reference no: EM13157474

Makes very elaborate wedding cakes to order

Clare's Super Cake Company makes very elaborate wed- ding cakes to order. The company's owner, Clare Cole, has provided the following data concerning the activity rates in i

Prepare the required journal entries for restin co

Restin Co. uses the gross method to record sales made on credit. On June 1,2014, it made sales of $50,000 with terms 3/15, n/45. On June 12,2014, Restin received full payment

Factory overhead is applied using a plant-wide rate

Factory overhead is applied using a plant-wide rate based on direct labor hours. Factory overhead was budgeted at $60,000 for the year and the direct labor hours were esti

Complete the journal entries for all transactions through

Complete the Journal entries for all transactions through the year. Dec. 1st - a new company Is formed called "Lawn Darter, Inc." $10,000 cash is contributed to the start-up i

Capital gains tax rate

The following table is a list of all of the stocks that you have in your stock portfolio. The original purchase price, current price and your best guess for the "anticipated

What is the cost of merchandise sold and cost

No inventory was on hand at the beginning of the month. What is the cost of merchandise sold and cost of ending inventory under the FIFO method for June?

Introduce the major issues in the new standard

Assignment - Review of Current Accounting Issues. Introduce the major issues in the new standard. Analyse the assumptions behind public interest, private interest and capture

Expected impact on total revenue of the firm

Price elasticity of demand is known to be -0.5, and the firm raises prices by 10 percent. This is an inelastic demand. If prices are raised by 10 percent then total revenue i


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