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Suppose that an object is 10 inches long and suppose that a measuring device gives the readings 7 inches with probability 1/4, 9 inches with probability 1/4, 11 inches with probability 1/4 and 13 inches with probability 1/4. Write down all 16 possible ways that two measurements can turn out. Put a check mark by those possibilities where one measurement is above 10 and the other measurement is below 10, i.e. where high measurements tend to cancel low measurements. Use these possibilities to compute the distribution of when n = 2(i.e., find , , etc.).

Reference no: EM13119619

Successes obtained under these conditions

A variation of the binomial distribution arises when the n trials are all independent, but the probability of a success on the ith trial is θi, and these probabilities are

Translate into symbolic form - producing a superior product

Translate the following arguments into symbolic form.- If either manufacturers will not concentrate on producing a superior product or they will not market their product abro

What is the null hypothesis and expected value

A sociologist wanted to determine whether there was a difference in the amount of time children aged 5-7 spent watching tv. what is the null hypothesis? Find the expected valu

Skewed distribution instead of a normal distribution

If you assume returns follow a normal distribution, which investment would give a better chance of getting at least a $40 million return? Explain. (B) How could your answer

Explain what is meant by subjective probability

Explain what is meant by subjective probability. Research the Internet, and provide a business-related example in which subjective probability assessment would likely be use

Find standard deviation of number of male students

If a class of 30 students is chosen at random from the university populaton, find the mean of the number of male students. Find the standard deviation of the number of male

Qualitative and quantitative marketing research

How can qualitative and quantitative marketing research methods be assimilated into an effective marketing research programme when assessing market demand for a consumer pro

Going well for the good-value department store

Sales of stoves have been going well for the Good-Value Department Store. These sales for the past five months have been 15 18 12 17 13. Use the following methods to obtain


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