Compute its original length if the deformation is totally

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A cylindrical specimen of a metal alloy is stressed in compression. if its original and final diameters are 40.00mm and 40.10mm respectively, and its final length is 120.00mm, compute its original length (L1) if the deformation is totally elastic. The elastic modulus (E), shear modulus (G), and Poisson's Ratio (v), for this alloy are 65.5GPa, 25.4GPa, and 0.30 respectively. Express your answer in [mm] to 2 decimal places.

Reference no: EM13559213

X y and z coordinates of point b for radial readings taken

Calculate the X, Y and Z coordinates of point B for radial readings taken to B from occupied station A, if the backsight azimuth at A is 25°32'48", the elevation of A = 610.09

Calculate the concentration of copper through the plate

A plate of aluminum is exposed to an atmosphere of Copper hydride,and on the other side of the plate, an atmospere that is deficientin copper hydride. If a steady state condit

What is the precision of the work

The sides of a closed figure have been measured and found to have a length of 4133.64 ft. If the total error in the measurements is equal to .15 ft, what is the precision of t

What is the minimum high p and the maximum low p

A heat pump uses carbon dioxide, and it must condense at a minimum of 22?C and receives energy from the outside on a winter day at -10?C. What restrictions does that place o

Compute the bearing pressure at each corner of the footing

that acts at a 45 degree angle from the side of the footing (it acts diagonally across the top of the footing) determine whether the resultant force acts within the kern. If

Find fhe probability that the out-of-control condition

A quality characteristic is monitored by a control chart designed so the probability that a certain out-of-control condition will be detected on the first sample following the

Design a ssf constructed wetland and a tile drain for house

A family of six in a five bedroom house would like to treat their wastewater in an onsite septic system, constructed wetland, and tile drainage (leach field) system. They wi

Determine the smallest force p required to roll the cylinder

The homogeneous cylinder of weight W and radius R rests in a groove of width 2b. Determine the smallest force P required to roll the cylinder out of the groove. Assume that


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