Components of the supply chain

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Components of the supply chain

A supply chain involves all the activities associated with how raw materials, facilities, the human element, transportation, inventory, and manufacturing, flow and are transformed into goods and services. Every asset, information and process is part of the "supply" chain. For this unit's discussion you will be addressing how the supply chain works and possible issues you may encounter.

Within this complex system operation management responsibilities can be both strategic and tactical. Strategic in determining the overall processes required to complete & deliver a good or service and tactically in identifying and determining the processes at each step within the supply chain.

1. Examine the place where you currently work and identify a single service or product produced by your organization (if unemployed discuss your last place of employment).

2. Identify the different components of the supply chain for that product or service (list them from beginning to end) Be sure to identify which parts of the supply chain are considered "upstream" and "downstream" exchanges.

3. Based on what you learned in Unit 6 and in addressing the two questions above, describe a single current issue that might negatively impact a company's "global" supply chain.

Reference no: EM1329053

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