Complete the following problems in word or excel

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Complete the following problems in Word or Excel:

Problem 1: Duncan lives in a small town in Missouri. Because of a rare blood disease, Duncan is required to take special medical treatments once a month. The closed place these treatments are available to Duncan is in St. Louis, 150 miles away. The IRS medical miles rate is $0.23/mile. The treatments are provided on an outpatient basis but require him to stay overnight in St. Louis. During the year, Duncan makes 12 trips to St. Louis by auto to receive the treatments. The motel he always stays in charges $85 per night. For the year, Duncan also spends a total of $300 for meals on these trips, $170 is spent while en route to St. Louis. What is the amount of Duncan's qualified medical expenses?

Problem 2: Loretta incurs the following deductible expenses: $2,500 in state income taxes, $3,000 in local property taxes, $900 in medical expenses, and $3,000 in charitable contributions. She is single, no dependents, and as $40,000 AGI for the year. What is the amount of Loretta's taxable income?

Reference no: EM131093587

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