Compare alternative dispute resolution practices
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Describe the grievance process, dispute resolution options, and protection of employees from retaliation.

o Explore the processes and key issues in conducting effective and legally defensible workplace investigations.

o Analyze HR best practices for administering the internal grievance process.

o Compare alternative dispute resolution practices. What are the three most important things you would be concerned about if charged with creating a new alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process for an organization? How would you ensure that employees would not face retaliation?

o Compare alternative dispute resolution practices, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

. In what ways are these practices similar?

. In what ways are these practices different?

Please use sub-headers for each section


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The policy which holds a major association to the relationship with different employees and the allegations which are levied on the people. The regulatory setup of the counselling support of the pre-grievances generally represent the equity which hold the resolution and discuss over the Human resources for the problems. (Ruda, 2014).

The efforts involved in the doing the work comes under the assistance of different specialised assistance which prescribe access to the health system for the information setup. There are some options for resolving the problem:

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