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I. Use Chebyshev's theorem to find what percent of the values will fall between 162 and 292 for a data set with a mean of 227 and standard deviation of 13.

II. Use the Empirical Rule to find what two values 99.7% of the data will fall between for a data set with a mean of 246 and standard deviation of 16.

2. Nine college students had eaten the following number of times at a fast food restaurant for dinner in the last ten days:

5, 2, 4, 0, 4, 6, 4, 2, 3

Find the mean, median, mode, range, and midrange for these data.

3. A Math test has a mean of 38 and standard deviation of 9.0. Find the corresponding z scores for:

I. a test score of 80

II. a test score of 22


Rank the following data in increasing order and find the position and value of the 85th percentile.

0 8 6 1 9 7 1 0 1 7 5 4

5. The following data lists the average monthly snowfall for January in 15 cities around the US:

20 13 15 28 16 25 2 14

35 42 5 34 34 38 29

Find the mean, variance, and standard deviation. Please show all of your work.

6. Starting with the data values 70 and 100, add three data values to the sample so that the mean is 79, the median is 80, and the mode is 80.

Reference no: EM1398869

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