Career planning practices in the local and global contexts
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Please read the instructions deeply and do exactly what they need please.


You are required to create a Personal Career Plan. Your Career Plan should have a cover sheet and contain the following sections:

Career Development Theories (Holands theory and Super theory) (Maximum 2 pages)

Discuss the theories that you think have contributed most to career development. Explain why. Identify and discuss which theory or theories best reflects your beliefs in how careers develop. Give personal examples to justify these beliefs.

Career Interventions

Identify the career interventions that you consider will benefit you most in relation to your career. Identify and discuss which interventions will benefit you most at different stages in your career. Analyze why.

Career Development Strategies in local contexts

Identify organizations that facilitate career development and planning through their HR strategies. Discuss these strategies.

Career Planning Practices in the local and global contexts

Identify the most effective practice/s and explain why these practices offer the best opportunities for career development and planning locally and globally. Give specific examples.

Self-Analysis (include tests undertaken)

Identify and prioritize the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) you have, the skills and abilities you do not have or need to improve. Discuss and analyze short term development activities you can take to acquire the needed KSAs.

Identification of personal goals and career paths

Define your short range goals (up to 1 year) and your long range goals (2 to 3 years). Discuss and analyze the career paths open to you. You should include a time line with good detail for the next 3 - 5 years.


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Devising a career plan is a very crucial thing when it comes to any individual. There are a large number of theories that have been discussed and bought to light regarding this aspect. But the major of them are the theories that have been given by Donald Super and John Holland. They define how the careers of an individual are made of. These theories are quite different from each other and showcase how each of them thinks for the career of a person.

Donald Super’s Theory: As part his theory, a person needs to realize that while he is designing the plan of his career it is important to release that his dreams, goals and ambitions change over time and hence while planning for career that should be taken into account. There are different phases of an individual’s life which are:
- Growth: This is the starting phase of person’s life from his birth to the age of 14. In this he develops a general understanding of the world, builds his concepts, his attitude and his ideologies and a generic sense for the people and work around in this world.

- Exploration: Then comes the phase of exploration in which a person belongs from 15-24 In this the person tries to develop his tentative choices based on what he sees around and through the lessons that he has learnt from various classes and his hobbies. It gives the person a chance to develop his choices and decide and tentatively frame his career as per his current choices.

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