Car sale data and try to apply there learning skills

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Student have the chose to take the given excel file which include the car sale data and try to apply there learning skills including the pivot table and chart for data analysis.

MS Word - 20 Marks - CLO 4
Student should write a final report that summarized there project including data analysis.

MS PowerPoint - 30 Marks - CLO 5
Choose any topic of your interest and create a power point presentation, you should utilize all features were taken in all finished class works. The slide show should present your work in at least twenty slides using different animation techniques.

Presentation tips for students
* Do the research first and know your material before you start making PowerPoint slides.

* Good presenters use key phrases and include only the most important information. Your topic may be vast, but choose only the top three or four points and make them several times throughout the presentation in the classroom.

* One of the biggest mistakes students make in classroom presentations is in writing their whole speech on the slides.

* Make your slides easy to follow. Put the title at the top where your audience expects to find it. Phrases should read left to right and top to bottom. Keep important information near the top of the slide.

* Dark text on a light background is best. This combination offers the most visibility.

* When you use a design template, choose one that will not detract from your classroom presentation. Test it ahead of time to make sure that the text will be readable and the graphics won't get lost in the background.

* For more comprehensive information you can visit the lecture slides that have been uploaded in the portal for your kind information.

Reference no: EM13936696

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