Can this approach be emulated in and to other environments

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Principled Negotiations (PN)

The decision to collaborate is not a simple one to take. It may seem plausible and it may be the right choice to make.

But how can we even think about working together towards an agreed solution, when the heart is pumping furiously and emotions are at their extreme, or when we have two or more entities each fully assured that only THEIR way is the right way?

The answer is simple - we need to ask ourselves: "what purpose will it serve?"

If collaboration will create the most advantageous options for us, and provide for optimal mutual gains, than we must proceed along that path, and put aside all other considerations and emotions.

The following articles are unique, as they account for the utilization (concept, approach and process) of PN to resolving well a conflict.

Please read:

Wall, B. M. (2010). Conflict and Compromise: Catholic and Public Hospital Partnerships. Nursing History Review. New York:2010. Vol. 18, p. 100-117 (18 pp.)

Bustard, D.W. (2002). An Experience of Principled Negotiation in Requirements Engineering. Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering (AWRE'2002) . Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

Case Assignment

After carefully reading through these articles, CHOOSE ONE OF THEM, and answer (in at least four pages), the following questions:

What were the major points that made PN the EFFECTIVE method of choice (relative to other options) for your chosen case study?

Can this approach be emulated in and to other environments? Present an example.

Assignment Expectations

Please do NOT summarize the article, but focus on the effectiveness of PN.

When you present your example - point out how the PN principles would have created a benefit to the overall outcome.

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The present solution is based on concept of 'Principled Negotiation". The ideology was mainly adopted by Bustard et al. (2000) which is linked with engineering processes. Based on the given instructions the assignment was prepared and that assignment rubrics are followed precisely. The overall solution comprises of more than 1200 words in APA format and is prepared in Microsoft Office file. The solution is unique and is free from any type of plagirism. All the instructions are followed for the preparation of both the questions in this solution.

Reference no: EM131192364

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