Calculation and depiction of normal probabilities

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Evaluation of parameters of Normal distribution and calculation and depiction of Normal Probabilities.

On the same chart, produce a graph showing the original probability mass function, and a line graph showing your selected continuous probability density function.

Generate a document assessing the how well is your continuous distribution predicting the probability mass function and the rationale by which you selected the continuous distribution. Using the three approaches (raw data, PMF, and continuous distribution), compute the probability to be within one standard deviation of the mean. Are numbers the same? Comment on any differences.

Reference no: EM1318337

Amount of time spent in the hospital

Let's begin by listing all of the variables. Response: The amount of time spent in the hospital-Explanatory: age, cholesterol level, blood pressure, and the hospital you are i

Differences between binomial and normal distribution

What are the assumptions underlying a normal distribution? What are the assumptions underlying a binomial distribution? Why do we want to assume that our sample data represent

Calculate the secondary rated voltage

The primary and secondary winding of a three-phase transformer are delta- and wye-connected, respectively. The rated power is 75 kVA and the rated primary voltage is 12 kV

What are the center line and control limits for an s chart

Calculate the center line and control limits for an x‾ chart.- What are the center line and control limits for an s chart for this process?- Create the x‾ and s charts for t

Compute and interpret the machine cpk

The specification limits are set between 15.8 and 16.2 ounces. a) Compute and interpret the machine's Cp b) Compute and interpret the machine Cpk

Estimates an unknown population parameter

Stat 31 Fall 2010 - Homework 1. Statistics and parameters A statistic is a quantity that is calculated from a sample. Give an example of a statistic that estimates an unknown

Find probability that fewer bolts can be used

Find the probability that a randomly selected bolt can be used (either immediately or after being cut). Find the probability that fewer than 15 out of 20 bolts can be used.

Explain why noaa believes the whales did not die

In January 2014, 33 whales died off the coast of Florida. - Explain why NOAA believes the whales did not die as a result of natural causes and is investigating the deaths.


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