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Consider the solving of applied interest problems that you read about this week. Now, apply your knowledge of these models to a practical problem.

Please respond to all of the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online course:

1. Go to and choose a new car you would like to purchase. Go through all the steps of adding additional options to your car. Note the MSRP.

2. Then go to and click Products and Services and in the dropdown list click on auto loans and check auto loan rates. Input your zip code and compare with the standard auto loan rates. Summarize your findings.

3. Assume you are taking the loan out for 60 months. What would the simple interest and the maturity value be on your new car purchase?

4. Make up your own purchasing example and apply the I = Prt formula to this example.

Reference no: EM1358220

Financial records reflect the specific year

Beige Corporation (a calendar year taxpayer) has taxable income of $150,000, and its financial records reflect the following for the year.

Consolidated balance for land on balance sheet

There were no other transactions which affected the companies' land accounts during 2006. What is the consolidated balance for land on the 2006 balance sheet?

Determining the alternative payment options

Kathy Clark owns a small company that makes ice machines for restaurants and food-service facilities. Kathy knows a great deal about producing ice machines but is less famil

Calculation on the initial cost of investment

CMW LTD is reviewing an investment proposal.The inital costs as well as ther estimnate of thde book value of the investment at the end of each year ,the net after-tax cash flo

Warranties accrual and cash basis

What amount, if any, is disclosed in the balance sheet as a liability for future warranty costs as of December 31, 2008, under each method?D.) which method b

Modern commercial world auditors provide numerous

In the modern commercial world, auditors provide numerous other services to complement their audit work. These services include the following: (a) Accountancy and book-keepi

Warranty expense or liability

1. How much warranty expense should the company report in 2011 for this computer? 2. How much is the warranty liability for this computer as of Dec 31, 2011?

Sarbanes-oxley act article analysis-internal controls

Prepare a 700-1,050-word summary of this article. Be sure to cite your article, and be prepared to discuss your article in the threaded discussions.


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