Calculates the sum of two very long positive integer numbers

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1. Write a method that prints the digits of a given decimal number in a reversed order. For example 256, must be printed as 652.

2. Write a method that calculates the sum of two very long positive integer numbers. The numbers are represented as array digits and the last digit (the ones) is stored in the array at index 0. Make the method work for all numbers with length up to 10,000 digits.

Reference no: EM131341003

What is the total negotiated target value of the contract

The 80/20 sharing ratio says that the customer (i.e., Alpha) will pay 80 percent of the dollars above the target cost and up to the ceiling cost. Likewise, 80 percent of the

Perform a brute-force attack with unknown iv

Keeping the IV secret in OFB mode does not make an exhaustive key search more complex. Describe how we can perform a brute-force attack with unknown IV. What are the require

Rfid and nfc communication technologies

Then write a paper in current APA format that compares three similarities and three differences, discuss how each of these technologies can be used in personal and commercia

Prevent random gun violence by unstable people

(a) Should more controls be placed on gun ownership to prevent random gun violence by unstable people? (b) Should fewer controls be placed on gun ownership to help people defe

Determining the use of two arrays

Define two arrays x and f, each of size 10, using call-by-reference, to pass an array to a function, named sum. In main: define array, pass arrays, print out the array and t

Find mean shopping time at supermarket-level of significance

Using 0.10 level of significance is there evidence that mean shopping time at local supermarket is different from claimed value of 22 minutes?

Behaviour of organisation members

How much does the organisational structure and physical structure of an organisation condition the behaviour of organisation members? Compare modernist, symbolic-interpretiv

Who is and who is princeton for starters

The Unix utility who is can be used to find the domain name corresponding to an organization, or vice versa. Read the man page documentation for who is and experiment with i


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