Calculate the start and finish times for each activity

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calculate the start and finish times for each activity and determine the minimum number of weeks for completing the project. find the critical set of activities for the project.

Reference no: EM13228414

Use the order-up-to model to control inventory

You are the store manager at a large furniture store. One of your products is a study desk. Weekly demand for the desk is normally distributed with mean 40 and standard deviat

Illustrate what retailer will give it

illustrate what retailer will give it also product will be offered at a competitive price. Assume new diaper's name will not be associated with or known products.

Determine the amount of investments michael

Formulate a linear programming model that can be used to determine the amount of investments Michael should allocate to each type of fund to maximize the total annual return

The speed of delivery processes for the introduction

The “speed of delivery” processes for the introduction of new products have recently witnessed great improvements. Briefly comment on the concepts that are used in such proces

Case for critical analysis

Read the “Case For Critical Analysis” Abrahams Grocery at the end of Chapter 7. Based on the information available in the case, discuss what type of organizational structure w

Balanced scorecard-hypothesize why model is considered

Conduct research on the topic: balanced scorecard. Hypothesize why this model is considered a comprehensive as well as systemic model for measuring an organization's improveme

Brick and mortar distribution store network

Briefly describe one example of a firm that appears to have done a good job in balancing their e-business distribution network with their “brick and mortar” distribution store

Determined procedure or even about the whole project

Reports are made with the objective of maintaining the communication among the different divisions and levels of the company about the progress of a determined procedure or ev


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