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The best solar panels currently available are about 13% efficient in converting sunlight to electricity. A typical home will use about 40. kWh of electricity per day (1 kWh  1 kilowatt hour; 1 kW  1000 J/s). Assuming 8.0 hours of useful sunlight per day, calculate the minimum solar panel surface area necessary to provide all of a typical home's electricity. (See Exercise 96 for the energy rate supplied by the sun.)

Reference no: EM131158851

Find the net force experienced by a positive charge

Two charges of equal magnitude 5µC but opposite sign are separated by a distance of 10 m. Find the net force experienced by a positive charge q = 2 µC that is placed midway

Determine the heat loss from the tub surface

A change in the design of the door provides the opportunity to increase or decrease the 20-mm spacing by 10 mm. What recommendations would you offer with regard to how the c

Estimate the heat transfer rate across the slab

The opposite surface of a slab A and B are maintained at 100 degree and 70 degree respectively ,if the steel plate measures 10cm thick estimate the heat transfer rate across

What is the center temperature

An electric current of 200 A is passed through a stainless steel wire having a radius of 0.001268 m. The length of the wire L is 0.91 m and has a resistance of 0.126 ohms. T

Emulsion polymerization of acrylonitrile

In a process for the production of acrylic fibers by the emulsion polymerization of acrylonitrile, the unreacted monomer is recovered from water by distillation. Acrylonitri

Level descends towards the equilibrium value

in heat transfer terms , the surface temperature rises above the wet bulb surface ceases to behave as a wet surface - the surface temperature rises

Differential mole balance on phosphoric acid

Write a differential mole balance on phosphoric acid and provide an initial condition. [Start by defining np (k mol) to be the total quantity of phosphoric acid in the tank

Amounts of liquid and vapor products

A liquid mixture consisting of 100 kmol of 60 mol% benzene, 25 mol% toluene, and 15 mol% o-xylene is flashed at 1 atm and 100°C. (a) Compute the amounts of liquid and vapor pr


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