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Question - The Fields Company has two manufacturing departments, forming and painting. The company uses the weighted-average method of process costing. At the beginning of the month, the forming department has 30,500 units in inventory, 65% complete as to materials and 35% complete as to conversion costs. The beginning inventory cost of $71,100 consisted of $51,400 of direct material costs and $19,700 of conversion cost.

During the month, the forming department started 410,000 units. At the end of the month, the forming department had 41,000 units in ending inventory, 90% complete as to materials and 40% complete as to conversion. Units completed in the forming department are transferred to the painting department.

Cost information for the forming department is as follows:

Beginning work in process inventory $ 71,100

Direct materials added during the month 1,432,360

Conversion added during the month 916,075

1. Calculate the equivalent units of production for the forming department.

2. Calculate the costs per equivalent unit of production for the forming department.

3. Using the weighted-average method, assign costs to the forming department's output-specifically, its units transferred to painting and its ending work in process inventory.

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