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Question - In 20X5, Barton Iron Ore Co purchased a mine for $200 million ($30 million was applicable to the land). An independent evaluation estimated the mine's iron ore reserves at 7.5 million tons. In 20X5, Barton Co extracted 0.9 million tons. Calculate the company's depletion expense for 20X5?

$24 million

$12.8 million

$18.6 million

$20.4 million

Reference no: EM132234153

General journal entries of wyrick company

Presented below is information related to Wyrick Company: Prepare the general journal entries necessary to record these transactions.

What items relate to bond issue would be included in silicon

How would the selling price of the bond be determined? What items related to the bond issue would be included in Silicon's 2011 income statement, and How would each be determi

Estimating present value of the interest

On January 1, 2010, Ellison Co. issued eight-year bonds with a face value of $1,000,000 and a stated interest rate of 6%, payable semiannually on June 30 and December 31. Th

Rate and efficiency variances for variable overhead

Determine the rate and efficiency variances for the variable overhead item power cost and indicate whether those variances are unfavourable or favourable.

Record the exchanges in books of records

One of your customers, X has approached you to finish his records for the year finished March 31, 2009. Till date, he himself has recorded the exchanges in books of records.

What is inflation premium on five-year bonds

The real risk-free rate is r* = 2.80%, the default risk premium for Crockett's bonds is DRP = 0.85% versus zero for T-bonds, the liquidity premium on Crockett's bonds is LP

Assume that you are the project team manager

Assume that you are the project team manager that is engaged in a systems analysis. The company is a large, national retailer with several stores and warehouses located thro

Management acting in the shareholders best interests

Your company's management immediately begins fighting off this hostile bid. Is management acting in the shareholders' best interests? Why or why not?


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