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1. A poll of 80 state legislators finds that 30 Republicans favor an income tax rebate, while 5 Republicans do not favor it. Similarly, among 45 Democrats, 20 favor the tax rebate and 25 do not. Calculate phi for these data.

2.Calculate phi adjusted for the data in question number 3. Compare phi adjusted to phi What can you conclude?

Reference no: EM131371563

Problem regarding the saturating arithmetic

Assume 161 and 214 are signed 8-bit decimal integers stored in two's complement format. Calculate 161 - 214 using saturating arithmetic. The result should be written in deci

Define a fraction adt to represent and store rational number

The ADT should include all of the common mathematical and logical operations. In addition, your ADT should provide for the conversion between floatingpoint values and fracti

The program must use a loop

The program MUST use a loop to read in the series of integers from the user. The output is then displayed after the loop. Algorithm   or Pseudo Code  (as an outline): At the b

Proposal to your current-previous company

Write a 4- to 5-page proposal to your current or previous company's executives discussing how analytics can be used in your company to improve sales through your retail outl

Annotated bibliography assignment

This week (Part I) you are to create a complete Annotated Bibliography for 2 academic scholarly sources, which include your introduction and thesis, publication details, and

Create query in design view to return records from table

Create a query in Design view to return records from the Items table where the value of the Category field is Software and the value of the Cost field is greater than or equ

The development process includes planning

The development process includes planning, coding and debugging of code to create the programs that solve real-world applications. Before embarking on a project, one must do a

What is the diameter of each screen point

Suppose we have a video monitor with adisplay area that measures 12 inches across and 9.6 inches high. If the resolution is 1280 by 1024 and the aspect ratio is 1, what is t


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