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Refer to the following table for the data required.

Arith Store Load Branch

Instructions for a program











A.) Calculate execution time of a program on a 2 GHz processor.

B.) Find global CPI of the program.

C.) If number of load instructions can be reduced by one-half, what is the speed up and CPI?

D.) If number of store and arithmetic instructions can be reduced by one-half, what is the speed up and CPI?

Reference no: EM131440004

Enterprise information systems

Enterprise Information Systems, Technologies, and InfrastructuresWrite a brief, 1 page paper that discusses the topic that you will do your research paper on.  The paper, at a

Determining the potential customers

ABC Inc. wants to build a new web site to sell their "clearance" products and they are planning to publish a proposed website site designed to obtain feedback from "potentia

Scope and lifetime are distinct

Scope and lifetime are distinct yet related issues in programming languages. Languages can sometimes make design decisions that cause a conflict between the scope and the li

Construct a minimum-run d-optimal resolution iv design

Construct a minimum-run D-optimal resolution IV design for 12 factors. Find the alias relationships. What approach would you recommend for analyzing the data from this exper

Matlab built-in vector operations

Write a function natlogApprox that takes scalar input arguments x and n, and returns the approximate value of ln(1+x). Note that your code should use MATLAB's built-in vecto

Establish a session with the other person on skype

Find a classmate or other person who will work with you. Download the latest version of a video conferencing program such as Skype and establish a session with the other per

Can the two trees be completely disjointed

Give an example of a weighted connected graph G = (V,E) and a vertex v, such that the minimum spanning tree of G is the same as the shortest-path spanning tree rooted at v.

Program to solve a simple payroll calculation

Write a program to solve a simple payroll calculation. Find the amount of pay given, hours worked, and hourly rate. (The formula to calculate payroll is pay = hourly rate *


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