Businesses are obligated to give more to communities

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1. Debate that businesses are obligated to give more to communities than their specific goods and services.

2. Pick a process from the ATOM methodology and compare it to the PMBOK risk processes. Do they use the same input, tools & techniques, and outputs (ITTOs)? What is the difference?

3. What types of services are used for food functions? What factors determine the most effective type of service for a function?

Reference no: EM132235027

Determining how to standardize cryptographic methods

Ever since World War II and the ensuing Cold War, cryptographic methods have been the source of much government angst. Protecting the information of one's own government and a

The average number and time of customers waiting

Benny the Barber owns a one-chair shop. At barber college, they told Benny that his customers would exhibit a Poisson arrival distribution and that he would provide an exponen

Impact of key inputs from stakeholder groups on new product

Assess the types of stakeholders involved in the development process for the product/service of your chosen company (Walmart). Evaluate the impact of key inputs from stakehold

Calculate the multifactor productivity for both systems

Atlantic milk factory needs your consulting advice concerning its business and production processes. The final consulting report describes several steps to increase producti

Use rounded amount in subsequent computations

Nancy, the owner of a very successful hotel chain in the Southeast, is exploring the possibility of expanding the chain into a city in the Northeast. She incurs $28,500 of exp

If company wants to improve its supply chain performance

Barington Mills manufactures denim cloth from two primary raw mate- rials, cotton and dye. Work-in-process includes lapped cotton, spun yarn, and undyed cloth, while finished

Identify which of the three main categories of leadership

Identify which of the three main categories of leadership approaches (e.g., leaders, followers, situation) does this perspective fall into, and explain why you think so. What

Elucidate how many customers on average are waiting

Elucidate how many customers, on average, are waiting in line in front of each service desk. Elucidate how much time does a customer spend at the service desk (waiting plus se


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