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1) There are times when a database is accessed by many users across the enterprise. Transaction logs can help maintain concurrency in a multiuser platform. Describe at least two business scenarios where COMMIT and ROLLBACK would be required. Describe how these functions would be essential for business continuity and concurrency control. Identify how these functions would enable an organization to recover from a database corruption event.

2)Describe how locks could be used in order to qualify data transactions and enhance concurrency control. Suggest at least two business scenarios that would benefit from implementing locking methods.

3) Databases can grow in data structure and data capacity throughout time. At certain times, it is necessary to perform optimization techniques in order to ensure optimal performance of the database. Evaluate at least two methods that can be used to optimize database components such as queries, reports SQL transaction processing, and data consumption. Provide a real-world example that explains how these methods would help an organization process a large number of online transactions within a short time span.

4)Suggest at least two SQL optimization techniques that can be used to enhance the data access turnaround time and transaction processing time. Provide examples to support your response.

5)Assess the database statistics that could be used in order to measure database performance. Provide a real-world example that demonstrates how this information would enable businesses to accurately scale its data processing requirements. 

Reference no: EM13252883

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