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Write a 1-2 page narrative describing in your own words: "Your concept of how the Internet works.."

A suggested approach is to begin with a workstation running a web browser and trace a connection to a public web server (i.e. facebook; eBay; etc). As part of your narrative, explain how a request to access Facebook or eBay is resolved to the IP address for this server. Also describe how the connection travels from your local area network, across multiple external networks to the Facebook or eBay server. If possible, try to include any details on how IPv4 or IPV6 addressing is used to access these public servers.

Reference no: EM131218128

Difference between circuit-switching and packet-switching

1. What is the difference between circuit-switching and packet-switching? 2. What are Internet backbones? Explain the concept of tier levels of ISPs and the relationshipbetw

Group of professional funding managers

Assessment item 1- Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Due date: Midnight AEST Friday of Week 5 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 30% 1 Length: No fixed length Objectives This assessment

Write a paragraph comparing truetype and postscript fonts

In addition to standard AutoCAD and TrueType fonts, AutoCAD can also work with PostScript fonts. Write a paragraph comparing TrueType and PostScript fonts. Are there any sit

Have some expertise or knowledge

Directions: Think of a topic about which you have some expertise or knowledge, such as a sport you enjoy playing or a hobby you participate in. Plan an effective presentati

What time complexity does it have

Use in-order traversal to create a sort routine. What time complexity does it have? Under what conditions might it behave poorly? How does its performance compare to our qui

Diagrams for the use cases enter new order

Develop sequence diagrams for the use cases Enter New Order, Create Case Manifest and Record Order Fulfillment . Update the design class diagram with attribute information a

Find a schedule that maximizes the profit

You are given n events where each takes one unit of time. Event i will provide a profit of gi dollars (gi > 0) if started at or before time ti, where ti is an arbitrary real

What is sentiment analysis

Do you tweet? Twitter claims its users are sending 400 million tweets a day.33 That's a lot of Twitter chatter! What is sentiment analysis? How do organizations use sentiment


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