Backup domain controller in an existing domain

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You install Windows NT Server on a computer, making the computer a backup domain controller in an existing domain. After installation, you discover that you used the wrong domain name. What should you do?

Reference no: EM131077309

Technology formats for creating and watching movies

In recent times, HD-DVD and Blu-ray were competing technology formats for creating and watching movies on DVDs. Neither was compatible with the other. Eventually, Blu-ray wo

Describe different types of wbs

1. Describe different types of WBS. State the advantages of each type. 2. Describe the main levels of WBS for your specific team's project including activities, responsibili

List five access technologies

List five access technologies and specify which are home access, enterprise access or wide-area wireless access. Then discuss one of the five in detail. It is up to you to c

Write a function named "subtotal" takes as its arguments

The function should replace the contents of each cell with the sum of the contents of all the cells in the original array from the left end to the cell in question. Thus, fo

Short notes on client-server networking

Provide accurate and precise answers to the questions 1. Explain the different modes in which a file can be opened. 2. Explain the following functions in a c program fscanf(),

What specialists are needed to create your game

Create a development plan for the game you described in Exercise 1. What specialists are needed to create your game? What work will each of them need to do? How will your de

Systems analysis and design

Consider the following scenario, and then respond to the following: You're a manager who comes up with a new system that will make your company more efficient. However, impl

What code would be generated for t[3]

Choose your favorite computer architecture. Show the code that would be generated for s.c[5] assuming s is statically allocated at address 1000. What code would be generated


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