Assume systems analysts are developing a test plan for the

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Assume systems analysts are developing a test plan for the user interface of a hotel reservation system. As the front desk clerks are entering customers and payment information into the system, they will be able to either enter an option code into a text box or select an option code from a drop-down list. A combo box was used to implement this, since it was felt that the front desk clerks would quickly become familiar with the most common option codes and would prefer entering them directly to speed up the entry process.

It is now time to develop the test for validating the option code field during data entry. If the customer did not make any room reservation options, the front desk clerks should enter "none"; the field should not be blank. The valid option codes are four-character alphabetic codes and should be matched against a list of valid codes. Prepare a test plan for the test of the option code field during data entry.

Reference no: EM131404179

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