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Assignment: Data Warehouse Understanding

Using the Adventureworks 2014 OLTP database and the Adventureworks 2014 Data Warehouse, map the sales related data warehouse fields back to the OLTP tables, explain what is happening, and explain why the OLTP was converted to the data warehouse for sales. Do this in an MS Word document with an illustration of the mapping included in the MS Word document.

Reference no: EM131293537

Formula for computing roots of a quadratic equation

Implement your algorithm and demonstrate its performance on a few cases (for example, the cases mentioned in Exercise 15). Show that your algorithm produces better results t

Create the logic for the dice game pig

In this version of the game, when the computer does not roll a 1 and can choose whether to roll again, generate a new random value of 1 or 2. Use this value to decide whethe

What features would you look for on the switches

What features would you look for on the switches you purchase for design and explain why you would want each feature. Do you need to include any other devices in this design?

Theoretical computer science

A Turing machine with doubly infinite tape is similar to an ordinary Turing machine, but its tape is infinite to the left as well as to the right. The tape is initially filled

Write an assignment statement to calculate area of a circle

Write an assignment statement to calculate the area of a circle. The formula for determining the area, a, of a circle is a = πr2, where r is the radius and π = 3.1416.

Write recurrence relation corresponding to pseudo-code

Write the recurrence relation corresponding to the pseudo- code, don't forget the cost of the base case. iii. Write the solution of your recurrence, showing how you have sol

Think of a programming task-other

Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response for the following: Think of a programming task-other than the individual or team assignments in this course-in which you would

Explain user-centered design principles in a brief memo

Suggest several types of controls that might be used on a switchboard you plan to design. Explain why you chose each control, and create a storyboard that shows the switchbo


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