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The larger binary trees in this chapter were generated automatically by a program. This was done by assigning an (xy) coordinate to each tree node, drawing a circle around each coordinate (this is hard to see in some pictures), and connecting each node to its parent. Assume you have a binary search tree stored in memory (perhaps generated by one of the routines above) and that each node has two extra ?elds to store the coordinates.

a. The coordinate can be computed by assigning the inorder traversal number. Write a routine to do this for each node in the tree.

b. The coordinate can be computed by using the negative of the depth of the node. Write a routine to do this for each node in the tree.

c. In terms of some imaginary unit, what will the dimensions of the picture be? How can you adjust the units so that the tree is always roughly two-thirds as high as it is wide?

d. Prove that using this system no lines cross, and that for any node, X, all elements in X's left subtree appear to the left of and all elements in X's right subtree appear to the right of X.

Reference no: EM13968094

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