Are we happiest when we have everything we want

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Q. Benjamin Nalder Anthro 101 Sec 1 Jenna March 16, 2008 A Good Life? Illustrate what makes a quality life? Does it matter explain how much stuff we have or explain how we spend our time? If we compare our lifestyle to that of African people, are we any happier than our brothers? I believe that true happiness and a full life are result of accomplishment and spiritual fulfilment. As we analyze our lives, illustrate what makes us happy? Explain how do we as Americans Describe a full life? In our consumer economy, much of our happiness is based on amount of material possessions we amass during our lives. From a very young age, our children are taught to compete with one another in clothes they wear or latest gadgets. Are we happiest when we have everything we want?

Reference no: EM1378524

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