Are uber and lyft drivers employees-independent contractor

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Are Uber and Lyft Drivers employees or independent contractors? Support your conclusions with analysis from our text. Also, research recent cases concerning this question on the net. Have any courts decided this issue? Share your findings with the class.

Reference no: EM131418357

How training and development should be integrated

Based on what you learned through the assigned readings and course content, you will create a model (in a PowerPoint slide) that visually depicts training and development in

Search the web for effective

Examine "All Children Can Learn". Then, search the web for effective, evidence-based differentiated strategies that are engaging, motivating, and address the needs of indivi

Sherman antitrust act

The Sherman Antitrust Act, enacted in 1890, was initially applied to any activity, which interrupted the free flow of commerce. The term "every business combination" came in

Nature of project closure

In your essay, you should consider the nature of project closure, the different forms it takes, and challenges associated with project termination, before contemplating when

What changes should be made to global organizations

What changes should be made to global organizations in (a) creating structural flexibility and (b) harmonizing wage and cost of living among various geographic locations Min

Describe the components of the communication process

Having workers with high self-esteem is supposed to give a company a competitive edge. If you were responsible for hiring a few new workers, how would you evaluate a given a

Shape the organizational environment

Discuss the driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the company you selected. Include competing in a global environment, workforce diversity, ethics and

Analyze a real life situation where existing problems

A successful case study analyses a real life situation where existing problems need to be solved. Identify the problems o Select the major problems in the case o Suggest solut


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