Analyze the legalities of creating this new position

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As a human resources director for a mid-sized company, you have been asked to create and staff a new position in the company. Analyze the legalities of creating this new position and propose ways to mitigate the potential legal issues surrounding the filling of the position.

1. Use the concept map generator to create a basic concept map of a new position in a mid-sized company.

2. Analyze some of the legalities of creating and staffing the new position for which you developed the concept map in the above step. Include the following in the analysis:

a) A description of the legal considerations surrounding the creation of the job description for the position.

b) A description of the legal considerations surrounding the compensation offered.

c) A statement describing legally and ethically acceptable strategies for mitigation against potential legal claims surrounding the filling of the position.

Reference no: EM13934221

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