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Power and Politics in Your Organization:

The historic Enron Scandal of 2002 highlights the devastating effects of power, politics and conflict, as well as how quickly a successful organization can fall. Therefore, your scenario organization asks you to examine the influence of internal power and politics within the organization in order to prevent a similar conflict.

The organization is concerned that with the upcoming transition there may be employee dissatisfaction due to perceptions of unfair treatment and inequality of benefits for current employees.

The complex relationship of power and politics includes legal, economic, social and psychological dimensions. As a consultant, you know that an organization's actions, whether intentional or merely perceived, can create dissatisfaction among employees (Wilton, 2011). Sometimes there is a fine line between misperception and deception.

Therefore, consider the role that power and politics plays within your scenario organization and specifically focus on the human resource processes, such as recruitment and promotion.

For example, consider the role politics might play in deciding to recruit external versus internal candidates and the effect that can have on existing employees. Consider an employee that believes a co-worker was unfairly promoted and the effect that might have on existing relationships.

In this Individual Assignment, you will analyze the impact of power and politics and recommend human resource processes to minimize conflict.

- Write a summary in which you critically discuss the potential influences of power and politics that can affect your scenario organization.

- Explain the issues of power and politics that may arise within and across teams as a consequence of the pending changes in your scenario organization. Include how power and politics might influence employees and managers.

- Explain how power and politics might influence human resource processes, such as recruitment, selection and promotion in the organization.

- Explain two human resource processes you would recommend to a staff manager to minimize power and politics in the organization. Please include a detailed description of steps you would include in your recommended processes.

- Support this Assignment with current academic literature beyond your Learning Resources.

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Reference no: EM13710955

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