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Describe the hardware, software, and network architectural design of the infrastructure used to build cloud computing infrastructures. Use Microsoft Visio to generate the architectural diagrams.

Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length. Compare and contrast scalability, disaster recovery, benefits, and opportunities for businesses when using cloud-based computing environments compared to a non-cloud-based environments.

Analyze hardware virtualization (virtual machines, virtual desktops, and virtual networks) used by most Cloud Computing environments.

Determine if you would prefer a virtualized environment to a non-virtualized environment for a midsized business or organization.

Explain why or why not. Compare the cloud computing cost models used by Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

Choose the cloud computing cost model that you would use for a public cloud solution and support your selection.

Reference no: EM13145291

Professional interactive media developers

DIGIMAX Multimedia is a multimedia content development company would like to release various educational CD/DVD in the market. In this regards, the company wants to approach

This part along with submission

This part along with submission 6 combined make up the documentation for project proposal and implementation. You are free to extend the proposal section but you must include

The progress report you will describe

The progress report you will describe your progress and analysis of the unfinished solution. At this time you should be able to take stock of your skills and abilities and mat

The assignment has been designed

The assignment has been designed to assess students' understanding of the usage of data communications and computer networking technologies in real life and to demonstrate the

Activities the overhead of using the services

While the staff agree and can see how the new untethered access to business data and services can help in their day to day activities the overhead of using the services due to

This thesis artefact is flexible

This thesis artefact is flexible in a sense that helper can use any other sort of tools to accomplish the task as long as it matches with the aim but please, let me know how h

Current design model of it

In the current design model of IT service provision at NSI, the service desk function is provided in-house by TAFE employees. Consider the option of outsourcing the service de

Describe and discuss

Describe and discuss how the redesigned network needs to operate, the possible network design solutions and why the new design is more suitable for the introduction of mobile


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